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Our Industry Expertise

Xuture IT consultants have extensive experience across a broad spectrum of industry verticals. Xuture IT's extremely competent teams provide our clients with deep industry knowledge and domain expertise. We help our clients achieve their goals by understanding their "pain points," thereby eliminating deep-rooted issues within their archaic business processes.

Our consultants at Xuture IT have first-hand experience in the following industries:

Advanced Electronics

We help clients take advantage of new technologies, pursue growth opportunities, and improve their operations in technically-complex design and manufacturing environments. We have deep functional expertise across the value chain, including product development, manufacturing, purchasing, and supply, as well as branding, distribution, and retailing.

Airlines & Transportation

Xuture IT has comprehensive experience in the full array of business challenges facing the aviation and transportation sectors. We provide holistic insights to the industry to help transportation companies maximize their distribution channel, track and refine their logistics strategy, and become more responsive to their customers.

Consumer Products

The consumer products industry today faces virtually unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Eroding brand loyalty, increased merger and acquisition activity, enduring recessionary consumer attitudes and the rising influence of digital technologies on shopping behavior all threaten traditional business models – but also give rise to new and exciting ones.

In the face of changing consumer needs and behaviors, Xuture IT's Consumer Products Consultants are working with clients to strengthen analytics, improve internal operations and develop new market-facing capabilities and channels. With experience across a wide range of sectors–including food and beverage, personal and household goods, agribusiness, apparel and footwear, and household durables – we position our clients to lead in the face of change.

Financial Services

Xuture IT's Financial Services Consultants collaborate with banking, insurance, and investment management firms to enhance and streamline compliance, manage risk, safeguard reputations, and create competitive advantage. Our financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the Banking & Securities, Insurance, and Investment Management sectors. Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client's unique business needs.


Recognized as a top healthcare consulting firm, Xuture IT Consultants collaborate with hospitals and health systems, physicians, payers, and government entities to help clients thrive. Our seasoned professionals and highly skilled specialists form exceptional teams that formulate and implement the right strategies for each client’s unique challenges and opportunities.

At Xuture IT, our consultants are committed to helping healthcare organizations successfully evolve and adapt. Together, we can turn these nuanced complexities into opportunities that drive local differentiation, immediate gains and long-term success.

We help develop and implement the right strategies to accomplish complex goals, including effectively transitioning to population health, managing the total costs of care, pursuing aligned payment models, appropriately leveraging scale, rationalizing business structures, embracing the right technologies and aligning organizational priorities. We empower business and clinical leadership talent for the simultaneous worlds of fee-for-service and value-based care.

Industrial Goods & Services

To beat the competition on market share and earnings, industrial companies need high speed and flexibility in all operations. Identifying and executing high-impact acquisitions, entering new markets and channels, designing profitable, technology-driven strategies and business models, or simply beating the fiercest competitors – Xuture IT enables leading industrial goods & services companies to address their toughest commercial challenges.


Our leadership and professionals are at the forefront of the insurance industry in supporting the strategic requirements of boards and senior executive to govern and guide; protect assets; meet compliance requirements; and achieve performance goals. Our professionals combine their business and technical acumen to help Insurers, reinsurers, captives, brokers, investors, regulators, corporations and their legal and business advisors address complex strategic and tactical issues.

To stay competitive, insurers have recognized they must cater to their customers better and get their products to market faster. Our Insurance consultants help companies address their most challenging issues by providing strategic, financial, operational, human capital and IT services.


At Xuture IT we help news media reinvent their editorial models, strategies, products, design, newsrooms, workflows and narratives for the digital age. Our unrivaled media experience across the world means that our consultants are ideally placed to help you capitalize on the ever-evolving media market, making your investments more efficient and more effective.

Metals & Mining

The global metals & mining landscape continues to experience volatility. Slower demand and ongoing economic weakness throughout parts of the world have had a significant effect on the industry and how companies within it operate. Commodity pricing structures, talent management, operational and capital costs, and safety are just some of the issues that global mining companies must mitigate just to survive.

Xuture IT has developed specific capabilities with documented methods, tools and approaches for the Metals & Mining industry. We offer services in geological modeling, engineering and operational readiness to mining and exploration companies.

Oil & Gas

Energy firms are facing challenging times with an increasingly competitive environment, environmental regulations, and greater demand for energy. Resources are being depleted, leading to supply chain capacity constraints and escalating costs. An aging workforce and pressure to use limited resources more effectively is forcing companies to achieve higher asset performance through integrated operations.

Xuture IT's Oil and Gas Consultants help companies navigate and address the increasing uncertainties and complexities of this constantly changing industry. We work onshore and offshore, domestically and internationally, delivering solutions shoulder to shoulder with clients and fostering closer ties between the top floor and the shop floor.

Private Equity

Xuture IT helps our clients deliver strong investment returns across the full transaction cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and strategic due diligence, to post-merger integration and strategy activation, to value enhancement and exit. Xuture IT is a leading private equity strategy consultant for middle-market and large cap private equity transactions in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Xuture IT's retail consulting services help companies unlock the formula to increase profits and attract new customers amid growing competition. The leaders and experts in the retail consulting practice at Xuture IT have the deep industry and operational expertise required to give our clients a lasting competitive advantage.

Social & Public Sector

Xuture IT works alongside public servants who understand the powerful impacts and unique challenges associated with public and social sector initiatives. Our clients in government, education and nonprofit organizations look to us for the leadership and expertise to transform strategies into reality for their largest, most complex initiatives.


Our technology clients look to Xuture IT for transformative strategies customized to their needs. Our experienced consultants bring broad industry knowledge and work alongside our clients to translate business objectives and strategies into sustainable results.


Driven by network technology trends, adoption of cloud-based services, industry consolidation and the threat of cable entrants, telecom companies need to align strategy and operations closely to be positioned for success in a constantly evolving market.

Xuture IT's Telecommunications practice partners with companies and their stakeholders to create strategic, operational and financial advisory solutions that protect and enhance enterprise value through sales force effectiveness, service delivery optimization, customer profitability improvement and much more. Clients tell us that our approach is unique when compared to that of other consultants because we utilize senior experts who roll-up their sleeves to work side-by-side as partners with our clients to deliver practical solutions.

We provide recommendations honed by analytical rigor and expertise developed over of years of industry experience. Xuture IT's telecom consulting group offers world-class strategic, financial, operational, human capital and IT services for telecommunications companies.

Utilities & Alternative Energy

Today, few global business sectors have more opportunities and challenges than the Energy, Power & Products segment. Market participants are struggling to meet the demand for clean technology in Europe, satisfy the insatiable appetite for coal in the Far East, or capitalize on the shale oil and gas revolution in the United States while, at the same time, coping with challenges such as increasing government regulation and more stringent environmental pressure.

Xuture IT helps clients create value from renewable energy by identifying and pursuing growth options, achieving operational excellence, and participating in the regulatory process. Xuture IT's Alternative Energy consultants collaborate with utilities, government, investors, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, and major corporations to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy environment.

We also provide a wide array of advisory services that address the strategic, financial, reputational, regulatory and legal needs of energy and utility clients involved in the production of crude oil, natural gas, refined products, chemicals, coal, electric power, emerging technologies and renewable energy. In addition, we furnish strategic communications services across all disciplines, from capital markets to investor relations.

Venture Capital

We offer a range of services specifically designed to support venture backed companies as they navigate each stage of development - from idea through exit. We use our knowledge of the VC ecosystem and global network of professionals to help entrepreneurial ventures address complex marketplace challenges while staying ahead of the competition. Our passion and mindset matches the companies we serve: Entrepreneurial, hands-on, proactive, visionary and dedicated.

Why us?

Our global community of business technology consultants is committed to working with executives on their most challenging technology issues. We serve many other sectors including automotive, banking, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, telecom, and travel & hospitality.

We help clients with strategy, organization, sourcing, metrics, performance management, and lean processes.

Contact us today so we can help partner with you.

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