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ERP Simplification

Success in IT projects isn't simply about going live on time and within budget, nor does it rest with successful execution of technology-centered aspects. Real success is measured in the achievement of business outcomes. Leading analysts suggest that organizations often fail to achieve desired business outcomes because of underestimating the importance of organizational change management in ERP projects. In a dynamic business environment with increasing complexities, ERP is fast becoming less integrated with the desired business outcomes of administrative and operational functions within the organization. Our experience with Fortune 500 clients suggests that this is due to a set of challenges around managing complex ERP systems:

  • * Lack of single view and real-time data across all lines of businesses leading to delayed decision making
  • * Delayed rollout of existing ERPs to new sites or business units
  • * Suboptimal productivity due to disparate instances of ERPs
  • * Loss of demand forecast accuracy leading to increased inventory
  • * Statutory and legal risks due to manual and non-uniform governance controls
  • * Lack of ERP landscape readiness for critical organization initiative like mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • * Sun setting legacy systems that have complex logic accumulated over years with no scope for customization

Specializing in implementing accelerators, tools and frameworks, Xuture IT is uniquely positioned to enable our customers to simplify their ERPs to streamline business processes.

Oracle Solution Offerings

As an Oracle partner, Xuture IT simplifies Oracle ERP to increase business productivity in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and IT to reduce IT complexity, ensure a seamless architecture and increase business value. Our Oracle solution offerings include:

  • Business Process Design and Re-engineering
  • End-to-end Oracle ERP Services
  • Pre-Upgrade Assessment
  • Leveraging industry methodology for ERP upgrades
  • Global Application Management Services

SAP Solution Offerings

As an SAP-certified service partner, SAP experts at Xuture IT have enabled global enterprises to meet their organizational challenges by simplifying operations and streamlining business processes to ensuring consistency across countries. We have also helped clients consolidate platforms and replace legacy systems with SAP applications. Our SAP solution offerings include:

  • Accelerated SAP Roll-Out Solution
  • Global Application Management Solution
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Large Complex Upgrades
  • ERP Integration Solution

Why us?

Maintaining the lead in a dynamic market is a continuous process. SAP solutions can give organizations the right leverage to keep an edge over competition. Allowing the consolidation of information, from numerous functions, under a single system, our SAP solutions aid the effective alignment of business processes to business goals.

Xuture IT provides SAP solutions that allow organizations to connect the entire enterprise together. Our unique blend of domain, functional and technology skills, help us deliver the right solutions that enable clients to streamline their business processes, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) could be a complete integrated code program that allows equivalence within the business operations. Throughout the length and breadth of your organization, you will maintain sleek operations and consistency with the assistance of ERP software.

Client Challenges

Well-run businesses are always on the lookout for solutions to help them run better! This often brings forth many challenges, such as:

  • * Minimize response times to market changes and operational events
  • * Reduce inventory cycle times
  • * Attain flexibility to exploit future growth opportunities
  • * Connect the entire enterprise on a common platform, to increase visibility and improve decision making

What Xuture IT Provides

Xuture IT provides our clients a robust, best practices framework, ensuring best-in-class program management. Our quality assured deliverables are further enhanced with rich business & technical insights. Our SAP implementation & rollout services provide complete coverage over the following areas:

  • SAP ERP & BI Lifecycle Implementations
  • SAP Trainings (Project/Stand-alone Basis)
  • Outsourced Development and Testing
  • SAP Rollouts and Enhancements

Business Value

Organizations derive immense benefits from SAP applications. When coupled with our experience & expertise, these benefits act as key drivers in promoting greater visibility and superior decision-making. Some key benefits are:

  • * Improved profitability management and cash-flow
  • * Reduction in production cycle times
  • * Improved sales management through CRM Lead Management & Marketing Campaigns
  • * Reduced operational costs and optimized processes & capabilities, leading to on-time and on-budget implementations

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